Piper’s Antinomianism

Is John Piper an Antinomian?

This study contends that John Piper, the hugely popular promoter of Christian Hedonism, is an antinomian. This claim is based on his own words. The starting point of the case against Piper must be the ‘Ask Pastor John’ (AJP) interview recorded in 2010, when he was asked the straightforward question, ‘Are Christians under the Ten Commandments?’

His response is unequivocal: ‘No! The Bible says we’re not under the law.’ Piper has relied on what many see as the proof-text for antinomianism, namely Romans 6.14—he quotes part of this verse out of context: ‘We’re not under the law!’[i]

Antinomianism is the belief that Christians are no longer under the Ten Commandments (or the moral law) as a rule of life. Historic Christianity has always regarded antinomianism as a heresy. Yet antinomianism is vital to John Piper’s radical new doctrine of Christian Hedonism, first presented in his 1986 book, Desiring God. This charge is not made lightly; this booklet presents clear and compelling evidence to substantiate our claim.

[i] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR6l87FiR_8