Review by Pastor Gary Small

Christian Hedonism? A biblical examination of John Piper’s teaching

Author: ES Williams

Published by Belmont House Publishing, August 2017

Dr Williams has done the Church a huge favor by writing this exposé of the dangerous teachings of John Piper. The book exposes the errors of so-called “Christian Hedonism,” an oxymoron of gigantic proportions. Dr. Williams examines Piper’s false teachings point by point, doing so in a charitable spirit, and without compromise. He presents a solid refutation of Piper’s heretical teachings and demonstrates the dangers of following the “Pied Piper” down the unscriptural road of misinterpreting God’s Word. The consequences of accepting such error will be tragic. You will be well-served by reading this book and taking its warnings with utmost seriousness.  As with any book,  read it with discernment. John Piper’s teachings should be avoided at all costs. His beliefs are dangerously unbiblical, whether its his views on “Christian Hedonism,” cessastionism, or his promotion of New Calvinism. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.

Pastor Gary Small

Serving Our Servants Ministry

Lynden, WA.