Public ministry of John Piper

John Piper’s public ministry must be evaluated through the lens of his Christian Hedonism, promoted in his book Desiring God (1986). Piper has spent the past three decades promoting his philosophy through his organisation Desiring God, and through his preaching at the annual Passion Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  Our video, The Public Ministry of John Piper, describes his pathway into Christian Hedonism.  He was greatly influenced by Pascal’s truism, ‘All men seek happiness’ and came to the realization that the happiness of God is the foundation of his hedonistic philosophy.  Piper has a profound longing for happiness that lies at the centre of his ministry and even says ‘to be happy is the central command of the Bible.’

Despite Piper’s massive reputation as a sound Bible teacher, a closer look at his ministry reveals how he twists Scripture; quoting verses out of context and even omitting words to change the meaning of the text.  Piper misuses Scripture to create the ‘happy God’ of Christian Hedonism.  He promotes a lawless, antinomian version of the Christian faith, and passionately endorses the counterfeit worldly worship of the Passion Conference.

The key to unlocking Piper’s heresy, is to understand that he skilfully mixes truth and error to propagate his false hedonistic message.