Review of Desiring God by Craig Booth

In his review of Desiring God —Meditations of a Christian Hedonist (1996 edition), Pastor Craig Booth, of The Faith Word, explains how Dr. Piper has developed a new philosophy of life which he labels “Christian Hedonism”. Piper argues that secular philosophy has taught for generations that human conduct in life is predicated on man’s pursuit to find pleasure. ‘Dr. Piper states that he hit upon the idea of Christian Hedonism and then turned to the Bible…’

Booth finds Desiring God disappointing on many levels. He says, ‘The entire premise of the book is built primarily on an extra-biblical creed, derived from a single question of the Westminster Shorter Catechism.’  And Booth is not impressed with the way Piper uses Scripture. He says when Piper is discussing the subject of Christian Hedonism, ‘the use of scripture is very much flawed’.

Booth concludes that Desiring God is a ‘call for all Christians to become hedonists’.

Craig Booth’s excellent review can be found here